Reina de la Noche

Reina de la Noche

In this haunting piece, a mysterious woman is shrouded in the mystique of the Day of the Dead. Her face, a blank canvas, is transformed into a vibrant tapestry, a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. 

The weathered gravestones of a cemetery loom behind her, a poignant reminder of the cycle of life and death. She is the bridge between the world of the living and the realm of the departed, watching over the spirits of the past.

About the Collection


This vibrant and thought-provoking collection of artworks celebrates the rich diversity of Black and Brown cultures from around the world.

But what's striking about these artworks is the deliberate absence of facial features. The women depicted are faceless, yet their presence is powerful and unapologetic. This intentional omission is not an invitation for the viewer to project their own identity or story onto the subject. Rather, it's a bold challenge to the viewer to question why these cultures are often reduced to stereotypes or exoticized when they're stripped of personal identity.

By removing the face, the artist forces us to confront our own biases and assumptions, and to consider the ways in which we've been conditioned to perceive and interact with these cultures. The facelessness becomes a powerful symbol of the erasure of individuality, and the artworks take on a sense of universality, inviting us to see beyond the surface level and to truly appreciate the richness and complexity of these cultures.

Through this collection, the artist presents a powerful commentary on identity, culture, and representation, urging us to rethink our relationship with the cultures that shape our world.