Elegua, the mischievous and powerful Orisha of crossroads and pathways, is depicted as a curious young boy, venturing deep into the lush jungle. The dense foliage seems to part ways as he climbs through the underbrush, his bright eyes fixed intently on a peculiar rock nestled among the leaves.

As the boy's gaze meets the rock, a spark of recognition ignites within him. It is as if he has stumbled upon a hidden piece of himself, a tangible connection to his divine heritage. 

About the Collection


In this stunning collection, the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba tradition comes alive through a kaleidoscope of colors and symbols. The artwork is a testament to the unyielding resilience of the Yoruban people, who against all odds, managed to preserve their traditions and beliefs despite the brutal transatlantic slave trade.

Each piece is a vibrant celebration of the African Orishas, powerful deities that embody the essence of nature, wisdom, and strength. From the majestic Eshu, guardian of the crossroads, to the gentle Yemaya, mother of the ocean, each Orisha is reimagined pulsing with the spirit of Yoruban tradition via Afro-Cuban culture.

Through this collection, the artist pays homage to the ancestors who fought to keep their traditions alive, often in secret, and honors the continued relevance of these ancient beliefs in the lives of people of the African diaspora today. The artworks are not only a visual feast but also a powerful symbol of hope, joy, and resistance, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, the spirit of the Orishas endures, guiding us towards a brighter future.